We have prepared a simple ready-to-use KIT within:

  • Single board controller (with software already installed)
  • Energy meter to measure power exchanged with the electrical grid
  • DomBus34 module to interface up to 4 energy meters, control 2 loads, 1 AC input and 2 I/O
  • Power supply unit with 12 and 5V output

The KIT, available in our store, uses Domoticz free software that permits to get an easy to use and reliable  home automation system, with firewall and backup system. Several tools and automations are already included, free of charge, so it is possible to use the KIT immediately in a simple way for those with computer knowledge.

What you can do with energy-meter start kit?

  • power usage and production monitoring, with nice charts and comparative diagrams
  • self-consumpion and self-sufficiency charts calculation and displaying, to better understand if load management can be improved
  • automatically loads activation (heaters, boilers) when extra power is available from photovoltaic
  • automatically air conditioning systems and heat pumps activation when extra power is available from photovoltaic
  • heat pump power regulation, if supported by the heat pump, to track power available from photovoltaic
  • increase the home automation network by adding other DomBus (and/or other brands) modules to
    • get rooms temperature/humidity and water temperature, to monitor house and also to detect temperature increse (fire alarm system: automation already included)
    • connect alarm sensors (magnetic contact, PIR, radar) to build a complete burglar alarm system, with message and video notifications sent to Telegram channel/group (smartphones): automation to do that is already included and free of charge
    • self-build an electric vehicle charging station (wallbox), single or three phase, by using the Creasol DomBusEVSE module, to charge the car using only energy from photovoltaic, or adding 25-50-75-100% of available power from the electrical grid.
    • automatically turn ON/OFF lights at Sunset/Sunrise, or by using motion detectors / door magnetic sensors, ...

Simple ready-to-use kit to improve self-consumption