Rock PI S with microSD containing Domoticz home automation systemRock PI S is a very small (50x50x32mm) and low power (only 400mW, normally) single board computer, with quad-core ARM CPU, 1.3 GHz, 256 or 512MB RAM, 1 LAN fast-ethernet interface, 1 Type-A USB and 1 Type-C USB (for power supply / OTG). Optional pigtail + 2.4GHz antenna can be connected.

We provide several kits using this device, with microSD memory already programmed with some software: please check at

This item is good for home automation systems using Domoticz, a reliable and light-weight home automation system, written in C++, that can be used for several purposes:

  • energy management, expecially for who has photovoltaic or other renewable system installed
  • heat pump / climatization control and optimization
  • home made wallbox, using DomBusEVSE module, to charge electric vehicles
  • complete burglar alarm system
  • fire alarm system
  • outdoor and indoor lights management
  • and much more.

Example 1 - Automatically enable/disable air conditioning / heat pump machines to improve self-consumption

In this case the domotic controller, using Rock PI S equipped with Domoticz software and some automation scripts, will be used to monitor the power exchanged with the electrical grid, activating one or more Mitsubishi air conditioner / heat pump if enough power is available.


Example 2 - Home made wallbox to charge the electric car

Home made wallbox using DomBusEVSE and DomoticzUsing Rock PI S, Domoticz and DomBusEVSE module it's possible to build a smart wallbox that charges the electric vehicle using single-phase or three-phase power supply.

DomBusEVSE module monitors the current power from the grid, preventing disconnections, and permits to charge the electric car by using:

  • only power from photovoltaic / renewable, if available
  • 25% of available power  from the electrical grid (for example, photovoltac_power=1200W, house_usage=300W, max grid power=6000W: car will be charged using 1200W+0.25*6000-300W=2400W)
  • 50% of available power from the grid
  • 75% of available power from the grid
  • 100% of available power from the grid
  • Managed mode: an automation can decide the charging power. This feature is good when more charging stations are available and a customized automation will decide how to distribute the power among the wallboxes

Single phase smart DIY wallbox using Home Assistant

Three phase home made wallbox using DomBusEVSE module and Home Assistant

Configuring Rock PI S

Device normally starts using DHCP client that gets network parameter from a DHCP server (normally hosted in the router or access point).

It's possible to access the system shell by using a SSH client (ssh for Linux and Mac, or putty for Windows), using the following credential:

linux user: pi , password: arangingenni
linux user:root , password: geriandallse
domoticz user: domoticz , password: creasol

It's recommended to change these default passwords!!

When logged in as pi user, it's possible to become superuser by writing the command sudo su -

How to set network parameters (static IP, DHCP, gateway, ...)

From root shell, enter configuration directory cd /etc/netplan
Edit the configuration file by using the command  nano 01-ethernet.yaml
Configuration is applied by typing netplan apply