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Writing a microSD flash device within a pre-configured version of Raspbian + Domoticz

We're proposing a quick solution to install a pre-configured image of Rapbian operating system (Debian Linux for RaspberryPI) completed with Domoticz software, configured to preserve MicroSD flash device (flash cannot be safely written more than 10000 times) and exporting a weekly backup that can easily restored in case of problems.

Flashing this image in a microSD, you are ready to configure your Domoticz devices from the web interface.

Image is available at and can be installed from linux or another raspberry using the script; Windows users can use putty to connect their raspberry by SSH protocol, and winscp or filezilla to transfer files between their windows PC and raspberry. Linux users can use their platform instead of using raspberry to make the copies.

#become root
sudo su
#download the script
apt update
apt -y install curl
curl -o /usr/local/sbin/
chmod 700 /usr/local/sbin/
#donwload the image
cd /
curl -o /home/raspberry_domoticz_0x18904f28_latest.fsa
#and now start the script

These are the default credential for this image:
linux user: pi , password: arangingenni
linux user:root , password: geriandallse
domoticz user: domoticz , password: creasol

Activating raspberry with this image, it will get network configuration from your DHCP server (router), so you can connect it by the browser at url like (check your dhcp server to know the IP address assigned to raspberry, or make a network scan of your LAN). If you connect raspberry from 192.168.*.* or 172.16.*.* or 10.*.*.* networks, no authentication will be required.

How to create image from Raspberry SD, and write new SD from images

We've deloped a bash script that permits to save a copy of Raspberry memory to a USB drive, and also create new SD with the content of a saved image.

This is useful because:

  1. flash memory cannot be written forever: normally each flash cell can be written up to 10000 times or so.
  2. it's always a good idea to have a backup of the running raspberry, so in case of problem it's problem to restore system from an old image
  3. maybe you need to clone an existing SD and keep images on your PC or NAS


  • images are compressed... it's stupid to have a 16GB image for a 16GB almost-empty SD !!
  • images can be restored on different SD sizes, so it's possible to use the same image to write SD card with 32GB size or 8 GB size as well
  • creating and restoring an image is really fast, in comparison to other systems

Unfortunally, this system does not work in Windows, but... who are still using windows at these days? Everything is moving to Linux! Android is Linux. Rasbian is Linux. Your routers, access points, TV most probably use Linux operating system!



Backup RaspberryPI, Domoticz and other stuff on external USB hard disk, FTP server (NAS) and/or SMB/CIFS share

Backup FAQ

For any questions, please check the web and/or write email to linux @ and we'll try to put the answer to your questions on this section.


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