Creasol SenderBatt - 4 channels transmitter/duplicator

Creasol SenderBatt - 4 channels transmitter/duplicator

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IntroductionCreasol SenderBatt - Blackout monitor and transmitter/duplicator (convert external switch/button into transmitters)

This compact transmitter, 41x31x11mm, can be connected to 1-4 external switches so, when a switch is pressed or released, it starts transmitting. It's supplied pre-programmed with 4 random codes, but it's also possible to copy up to 4 remote controls which transmit a fixed code in the supported frequencies, listed in the Tab.1.

Channels 1 and 2 can be programmed to be activated when switch gets closed, open or in both cases, while channels 3 and 4 works only in normally open mode (transmit when the corresponding switch gets closed). Also, device can transmit a different code when the switch get closed and open. See below.

The transmission frequency, power (from 10uW to 10mW), length (max number of telegrams that should be transmitted) and other parameters, can be simply configured, for any channel, using the Prog button: any channel is indipendent from the other, so it's possible, for example, to have one channel programmed to transmit at 433.92MHz, another one for 868.3 MHz, and so on.

Configuring for each channel the appropriate transmission power, it is possible to minimize interferences and collisions, or maximize the distance: it has a very long range when the maximum transmission power is selected.

Switch #1 gets closed => Transmit code #1 if Par.9 = 1 or 3
Switch #2 gets closed => Transmit code #2 if Par.9 = 1 or 3
Switch #3 gets closed => Transmit code #3
Switch #4 gets closed => Transmit code #4
Swtich #1 gets open => Transmit code #5 if Par.9 = 2 or 3
Swtich #2 gets open => Transmit code #6 if Par.9 = 2 or 3

For example, if channel 1 is programmed with Par.9=3, it transmits code #1 when switch #1 gets closed, and transmits code #5 when switch #1 gets open. This can be used, for example to notify the status of window or door: when window gets open, stop air conditioning; when window gets closed, start air conditioning system.

List of supported frequencies

Can also be used to open a gate, garage door or traffic barrier, as like as other home automations (domotic appliances), by pressing one or more button switches.

It's supplied by the internal CR2032 3V battery, but it's possible to externally connect 2 AA NiMH or alkaline batteries to get an extended lifetime.


Connection diagram from Creasol SenderBatt transmitter / power failure monitor

It's supplied in nice transparent recyclable clamshell with instructions printed in 2 or more languages. Companies that would like to distribute this product can send an inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. specifying the company details, including VAT ID. We can also supply this device with instructions customized with your customer logo, name, details and preferred languages.



Application note SENDERBATT_01: 4 channels remote control transmitter / duplicator

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