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This article explains how to program UniRec1, UniRec2, UniRec12 or UniLock receivers to works with bothcame top 432na 433mhz cardin s449

  1. 433.92 MHz standard remote controls, transmitting with OOK (AM) modulation
  2. 433.92 MHz Cardin S449 remote control, transmitting with FSM (FM) modulation

Our receivers are programmed, by default, to listen to 433.92MHz OOK, and in this configuration they can copy almost any remote controls of this type, but not Cardin S449 or other FSK remote controls.

As it's possible to program on our receivers 2 different frequencies and/or 2 different modulations, it's possible to manage both types of remote controls by configuring:

  • Parameter 5: default frequency (2=433.92MHz): do not change
  • Parameter 9: default modulation (1=OOK): do not change
  • Parameter 11: additional frequency: program to 2 = 433.92MHz
  • Parameter 12: additional modulation: program to 2 = FSK 12.5KHz deviation

The following table shows configuration parameters for Creasol UniRec2 universal receiver.

creUniRec2 configuration

To program Parameter 11 = 2 (second frequency = 433.92 MHz), push Prog button 11 times, wait for led flashing, then push Prog button twice.

To program Parameter 12 = 2 (second modulation = OOK 12.5 KHz), push Prog button 12 times, wait for led flashing, then push Prog button twice.

What about other types of remote controls?

In the example above we took into consideration the possibility to program Creasol universal receivers to work with both standard 433.92 MHz remote controls and Cardin S449 FSK remote control, but of course, as the receiver supports some other frequencies and modulations, we can do other examples.

Standard 433.92MHz remote controls + Sommer 4020 TX03-868-4 868.8 MHz FSK

Sommer 4020 and 4026 remote controls transmits at 868.8 MHz with FSK 25KHz deviation.sommer tx03 868 04 868.8marantec digital304 433 868

To get UniRec* or UniLock receivers working with standard 433.92 MHz OOK remote controls + additional Sommer remote controls at 868.8 MHz,

program Parameter 11 = 19 (868.8 MHz)

program Parameter 12 = 3 (FSK 25 KHz)

Standard 433.92 MHz + 868.3 MHz OOK remote controls

Program Parameter 11 = 3 (868.3 MHz)faac XT2868SLH 868MHzfaac 433sl 4 433mhz

program Parameter 12 = 1 (OOK) or 5 (OOK narrow bandwidth).

OOK narrow bandwidth can be used only with remote controls with excellent frequency stability (using crystal oscillator, not SAW resonators): in this case the receiver sensitivity is higher and range is longer in respect to OOK.

Extra-EU 315 MHz + 300 MHz remote controls

In this case, programchamberlain 83lmlinear 4140 300MHz

Parameter 5 = 4 (315 MHz)

Parameter 11 = 6 (300 MHz)

Parameter 12 = 1 (OOK)

Please keep into account that most 300 MHz remote controls uses a poor oscillator inside that lead to an instable transmission frequency that can vary few MHz with temperature, aging and how the remot control is held in the hand, so if the transmissione frequency is not in the range 300MHz +/- 300 KHz it may not work with our receivers. In this case we suggest to use our Creasol Multi remote control, that has an excellent frequency stability.


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