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Our product Creasol Sender can be used inside vehicles (bike, car, truck, ...) to open up to 4 different gates / garage doors /traffic barriers.Creasol Sender stationary transmitter, copy remote control for gates, garage doors, traffic barrier

It is able to copy up to 4 different types of remote controls, transmitting a fixed code, in 433.92 and 868.3 MHz.

It has no batteries (to replace), but gets power supply from the vehicle, so it does not require any maintenance. More information in the product page.

Placed inside the fuse box, in the engine or passenger compartment, it has 3 wires: one is used as antenna and should be cut down to 8cm (for 868MHz) or 17cm (for 433MHz) and left unconnected; remaining two wires should be connected to the high-beam light relay coil or between high-beam fuse and chassis.

After being configured in "car mode", and one or more remote controls have been learned in channel 1 - 4, Creasol Sender works in this way:

  • high beam off => Sender not supplied
  • high beam on => Sender supplied but does not transmit anything
  • 1 or more short flashes => Sender supplied during flashes, but will not transmit anything
  • 1 short + 1 long flash => Sender will transmit the code associated to channel 1
  • 2 short + 1 long flashes => Sender will transmit the code associated to channel 2
  • 3 short + 1 long flashes => Sender will transmit the code associated to channel 3
  • 4 short + 1 long flashes => Sender will transmit the code associated to channel 4

Long flash = at least 1s    

In this way it's possible to program the house gate on channel 1, the traffic barrier at work place on channel 2, the holiday house gate on channel 3, ... and open those automations without the need of several remote controls. Just use the high-beam lever. Simply, practical and safe!

application note sender 01 car motorbike truck van

The following picture shows how the Creasol Sender remote control duplicator can be wired to the high-beam coil inside the fuse box of a vehicle.

How to connect Creasol Sender stationary remote control duplicator inside a car

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