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Domoticz can control the KIA / Hyundai  car by APIIntroduction

We have written a plugin for Domoticz that communicates with Kia and Hyundai clouds getting information from the car, and also letting user to set some car parameters (electric charge limites AC and DC, climate temperature, start/stop climate, start/stop charging, ....)

Installation instructions and more information at

Do you want to make your own SMART WALLBOX ?

Follow the instructions at to build a Smart Charging Station by yourself to charge your car, van or other electric vehicle!!

KIA eNiro on Domoticz


Charging the electric car using a DomBusEVSE module

EVSE module to build a DIY wallbox compatible for Domoticz

This is an advanced solution that uses the EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) module DomBusEVSE made by Creasol, in Italy: it

  • detects plug connection and disconnection, start and stop charging
  • detects alarms from vehicle and failure in mains power supply
  • interfaces a bidirectional energy meter to know the real time import or export power from grid, and another energy meter to measure the power and energy feed to the vehicle
  • operates as stand-alone (no need for a domotic controller) or managed mode (charging current selected by the domotic controller) with the following charging mode: OFF: charging disabled SOLAR: use only energy from renewable plant (power from grid = 0) 25%: max 25% of available power from grid 50%: max 50% of power from grid 75%: max 75% of power from grid 100%: use all available pwoer from grid MANAGED: current value set by domotic controller (automation script for custom charging)
  • operating in the a MANAGED mode it's possible to 1. easily set the minimum and maximum battery level 2. easily set the maximum charging current 3. when battery level is below minimum, charge at the max power permitted by the electricity meter (in Italy, alternates 90 minutes at maximum power + 27% and 90 minutes at maximum power + 10%, it's not possible to charge faster! The electrical system must be checked carefully when using maximum power, to avoid overheating and fires!!) 4. when battery level is between minimum and maximum, charge using only power from renewable energy from photovoltaic

Video showing electric vehicle charging by Domoticz

Prerequisites and connection diagram

  1. electric vehicle with cloud connection, to know the battery state of charge (not mandatory, but recommended when used inside a home automation system)
  2. Creasol DomBusEVSE module
  3. bidirectional energy meter, to compute the current import power and export power (optional, in case of photovoltaic/wind system)
  4. circuit breaker with differential protection (residual current block) type-B
  5. 2P (single phase) or 4P (3-phases) contactor to enable/disable charging
  6. 32A EV cable with type-2 or type-1 plug on one side

Click to see the connection diagram to make a smart electric car charger using DomBusEVSE module!


Electric car is not a vacuum cleaner, that stay attached to the mains socket for 30 minutes!

Keep in mind that power dissipation on connectors (and cables) is computed as P=RI² where R is the connector/wire resistance, and I² is the square of charging current.

As result, when the charge current is high, the system must be checked to prevent connections and wires from overheating and burning.

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