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Dear Visitor,
we are an italian company producing
  • remote control duplicators: copy fixed code remote controls, automatically detecting the frequency of the transmitter. Easy duplication procedure.
  • multifrequency universal receivers: very compact, works with almost any remote control in the market, fixed and rolling code, AM and FM, in the frequency from 288 MHz to 868.8 MHz. 1 or 2 frequencies can be selected by the installer,  so for example it's possible to use both remote controls transmitting at 433.92MHz AM and 868.8 MHz FM.
  • 4 channels multifrequency stationary transmitters: 1 model supplied by CR2032 battery can be connected to external pushbutton switches to get wireless switches; another model, supplied externally (from 5 to 36V), can be controlled by highbeam lights lever or brake pedal to transmit codes to open gate, garage doors, traffic barrier based on the number of flashing.
  • home automation systems:
    • DomESP1 board that uses ESP8266 WiFi module, integrates 4 relay outputs, I2C and 1Wire to connect sensors, 1 high efficient solid state relay, 1 analog input and some digital inputs.
    • DomBus1, an I/O expander with 3 relay outputs and 6 digital inputs, that permits to get a full domotic system using Domoticz , connecting all devices by RS485 bus (4 wires: 2 for data and 2 for supply).
      It's designed to optimize power consumption (at 12V it consumes 3mA in standby, only 10mA with 1 relay ON, 17mA with 2 relays ON, 24mA with 3 relays ON!), no wireless pollution, plug-and-play (when connected to the serial bus, Domoticz controller automatically see the new device and add its inputs/outputs).
Domotic videoWatch the video that shows how to get a cost-effective full-controlled system with Raspberry + Domoticz software + 2 DomESP1 + 14 DomBus1, implementing:
  • alarm system with 49 magnetic contact sensors, 3 PIRs, 2 internal sirens, 1 external siren: full control by smartphone and pushbuttons, and notification by Telegram;
  • energy meter that measures the power usage from the electric grid, activating electric heaters when excess power is produced by photovoltaic and disconnecting loads when power usage is too high preventing disconnections;
  • heating/cooling system using an heat pump, with modulating power to consume most energy from the photovoltaic system (power is modulated by the domotic controller);
  • mechanical ventilation system controlled automatically, with dehumidifier and integration coils;
  • several external lights controlled automatically, based on activation of door bell, external PIRs, and sunset/sunrise;
  • when external PIRs have been activated, the system starts to record from camera and send video on Telegram, to monitor what happen externally;
  • when somebody ring the doorbell, it sends on Telegram a picture from a camera so it's possible to see on smartphone who is in front of the door/gate, and activates some external lights in nighttime;
  • shows the level of water in the irrigation tank and sends alert when it's almost empty.
For any commercial and technical information, don't hesitate to contact me.
No MOQ, so we can supply even small quantities, and we can also customize our products with your brand, logo, instructions manual.

Best regards.

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Transmitters and remote control duplicators
Creasol Multi
Creasol Multi remote control duplicator
MULTI-FREQUENCY: 433.92, 868.3, 286รท418MHz extra-EU
AUTOMATICALLY learn frequency and code
G Easy duplication
Creasol MultiST
Creasol MultiST remote control duplicator
Same features of Creasol Multi, with lightweight casing with soft-touch feeling, and optimized for 433.92 MHz (long range at 433MHz)
4 colors
Creasol FourST
Creasol FourST - 433 MHz remote control duplicator
433.92 MHz
Long range (500m)
Nice look, easy duplication.
Creasol Sender
Creasol Sender
MultiFrequency 4-channels duplicator
Externally supplied, suitable to be installed into a car, in the fuse box, and controlled by highbeam lever or brake pedal.
TX power selectable
from short to very long range
Creasol SenderBatt
Creasol SenderBatt: stationary remote control transmitter and duplicator
MultiFrequency transmitter/duplicator
Supplied by a 3V cell
TX power selectable
from short to very long range
Up to 4 external buttons, transmit different code when switch gets  ON or OFF.
Universal multi-frequency receivers
Universal receivers that works with almost every remote control in the market, AM and FM, fixed and rolling codes
Supported frequencies: 433.42, 433.92, 434.15, 434.42, 868.3, 868.5, 868.8, 288, 300, 303, 306, 310, 315, 318, 330, 390, 403.55, 418 MHz
The user can program 1 or 2 frequencies: for example it's possible to set the receiver to work at 433.92 MHz AM and 868.8 MHz FM.
Creasol UniRec1

1 channel universal receiver
Very compact: 38x28x10mm
Can be programmed to work 1 frequency only, or in 2 frequencies simultaneously
Creasol UniRec12
Creasol UniRec12 - 2 channels compact universal receiver
2 channels compact universal receiver
Size: 38x28x10mm
Can be programmed to work 1 frequency only, or in 2 frequencies simultaneously
Creasol UniRec2
Creasol UniRec2 - 2 channels relay outputs receiver
2 relay-outputs (250V 5A) universal receiver
Manages up to 60 or 1000 different remote controls, and supports one or more Master remote controls.
Wide power supply range and low power consumption/dissipation.
Creasol UniLock
Creasol UniLock - Electric lock opener, used to open gate door or main door by a remote control
Very compact electric lock opener
Fits everywhere: 38x28x10mm
Only 2 wires, can be installed in less than 10 minutes, and permit to open the main door or gate door or any other system using an electric lock or electric strike plate.
Emits a dual tone when door opens.
Domoticz and home automation systems
Devices for home automation systems, designed to be easy and cost effective.
Working with Domoticz, the open source domotic controller for Raspberry (and other Linux hardware) that is fully controllable by web browser and smartphone app, sending notifications/alarms by Telegram, email, ...
With Raspberry+Domoticz+ DomBus1 and DomESP1 it's easy to realize a building automation integrating alarm, heat pump, ventilation, lights, pumps, photovoltaic optimization, all in one system! See video
Creasol DomBus1
Creasol DomBus1 - Domoticz RS485 I/O module with 3 relay outputs, 1 AC input, 6 DC inputs

Easily connect one or more devices to Domoticz controller, using a 4 wire cable (2 wires for 5-24V power supply and 2 wires for serial communication), to expand the number of I/O and easily connect sensors, lights, motors to the Domoticz controller.
Designed to be reliable and minimize power consumption.
Easy configuration through the Domoticz switch web panel.
Application: control indoor and outdoor lights, water pump, gas/electric heater or heat pump, ventilation, alarm sensors, and much much more.
See application note and Video Domoticz+DomBus1+DomESP1
Creasol DomESP1
Creasol DomESP1 - electronic board for NodeMCU ESP8266 module

Board designed for ESP8266 NodeMCU V3 module.
Integrates the whole circuitry to manage digital inputs, one analog input, 4 relay outputs, 1 low voltage output, I2C bus, 1wire bus and optionally one serial port (UART).
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