New door opener receiver with sound alert

LogoNew multifrequency universal receiver with buzzer to open the main door using a remote control - Works with almost any remote control in the market. Very easy installation!

When someone opens the door, a dual tone alert is sounded

Dear Visitor, Creasol UniLock + buzzer
we're an italian company making products for home automation systems, and we'd like to present our new door opener receiver very easy to install (no external power source required, no battery, just 2 wires that should be connected to the existing pushbutton switch used to open the electric strike plate of the door).
Beside the standard UniLock universal receiver, designed to open a main door or pedestrian door activating an electric lock by using any existing remote control, now is available a new version that includes a buzzer that emits two tones when someone opens the door.
UniLock+buzzer can be helpful because it's possible to hear an alert when door opens.
* RX frequency and modulation are selectable by the end user.
* works with almost any remote control in the market, fixed and rolling code, AM and FM. You don't need to use a specific remote control!
* it's very easy to be installed: it has just 2 wires that should be connected to the existing pushbutton switch, used to open the main or pedestrian door. No need for external supply or battery!
* differentiated tones are emitted in case of opening by remote control or by existing button.
The application schema connect Creasol UniLock door opener to an electric lock and an electric strike plate
Feel free to contact us to get our catalog/pricelist and for any further request.
We can provide our product customized for your needs, with instructions in your preferred languages and with your logo.
Thanks, and have a nice day.
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