Creasol SenderBatt: 4 channels stationary transmitter/duplicator

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Connected to 1-4 external switches, transmits a code when external switch is pushed or toggled

Dear Visitor,
we've redesigned our SenderBatt device to fit the new transparent enclosure.Creasol SenderBatt
Now this device, supplied by internal 3V cell CR2032, can be connected to 1÷4 external switches and/or pushbutton switches.
Each channel can be configured to transmit when switch goes ON, OFF, ON and OFF; in the last case, code can be different when switch goes ON or OFF: for example, when connected to a micro-switch applied to a door or window, it transmits a code when door/window get open, and another code when door/window get closed.
It can be used with any automation with a receiver that uses a code format supported by SenderBatt, as like as our universal multifrequency receivers and door opener.
Internal battery life is normally greater than 2 years, and to get a very long battery life it's possible to supply SenderBatt by external 2.4-3V battery.
For any requests, feel free to contact us.
We can supply even small quantities, MOQ 5 pcs.
Also, it's possible to get instructions customized for you, with your preferred languages, logo, product name, ....
Best regards.
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Transmitters and remote control duplicators
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TX power selectable
from short to very long range
Creasol SenderBatt
Creasol SenderBatt: stationary remote control transmitter and duplicator
MultiFrequency transmitter/duplicator
Supplied by a 3V cell
TX power selectable
from short to very long range
Up to 4 external buttons
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