The company, founded in  2001, is based in Italy and specialized in electronic designing and manufacturing.

Specifically, we operates as:

  • electronic manufacturer for Smart Home devices (Smart Home devices for Domoticz and Home Assistant, universal multifrequency receivers, door openers, remote control duplicators)
  • electronic projects and consultants for other companies, for different fields, from analog to digital, from DC to microwave: we are specialized in microcontroller boards for high volume production, using Holtek and NXP Cortex-M MCUs.

Remote control duplicators and transmittersUniversal multifrequency receivers
Creasol Multi Soft-Touch

Universal multifrequency remote control duplicator in light-weight soft-touch casing,4 available colors, optimized for 433.92MHz (long range at 433MHz)
Creasol Multi

Universal MULTI-FREQUENCY remote control duplicator
315, 433.92, 868.3, 286-418 MHz
AUTOMATICALLY learn frequency and code of your existing remote control
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Creasol FourST

Universal 433.92 MHz remote control duplicator
Long range (500m), soft-touch light-weight, easy duplication.



Creasol Sender

Remote control duplicator that should be connected to an external power supply: when supplied, it starts transmitting.
Multi-frequency, selectable transmission power (from short to very long range).
Creasol SenderBatt

Remote control duplicator and transmitter, 4 channels, supplied by the internal battery.
Transmits a code when the external button/switch connected to a input changes state (pressed and released).
Creasol UniRec1

One channel, short-range, compact multi-frequency universal receiver
433.92, 868.3, 286-418 MHz programmable
Manages both fixed and rolling code, AM and FM. Also, works with different kinds of remote control, even if they transmit in two different frequencies!
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Creasol UniRec2

2 relay outputs multi-frequency universal receiver
433.92, 868.3, 286-418 MHz programmable
As like as UniRec1, manages both fixed and rolling code, AM and FM, 1 or two programmable frequencies.
Wide power supply, from 6 to 36Vdc, low power consumption and dissipation
Manages up to 60 or 1000 different remote controls
Creasol UniLock

Compact, multi-frequency, electric lock opener
433.92, 868.3, 315 MHz selectable
Fixed and rolling code remote controls
Easy installation: only 2 wires that should be connected to the existing button/switch used to open the door. No need for external power supply!
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Devices designed to expand I/Os of Domoticz and Home Assistant home automation systems
Info at - Join the Telegram group DomBus !!
Creasol DomBusTH
Expands Domoticz I/O/S with
calibrated temperature and humidity sensors,
4 analog/digital/buzzer inputs,
2 open-collector outputs 40V 50mA,
3 LEDs (white, red, green),
1 analog input
Supports LED flashes to show device status, LED dimming, blind/curtain (by external relays), buzzer alert, pushbutton switches, ....
Very low power consumption, RS485 serial bus (4 wire cable for 115200bps data and 12/24V power supply): using a 12V battery as backup, it's possible to get home automation system working also in case of power outage.
Real plug&play, web configuration of each I/O/S.

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Creasol DomBus1
Expands Domoticz I/Os with 3 relay outputs, 1 AC input, 6 digital inputs.
Very low power consumption, one or more devices can be connected together by RS485 serial bus 115.2 kbps.
Real plug&play: when a new device is connected to the serial bus, its inputs and outputs will be automatically recognized and enabled by Domoticz. Each device can be configured by web browser from the Domoticz Switches panel.
Video about Domoticz+DomBus1+DomEsp1Watch the video! Domoticz+DomESP1+DomBus1
Creasol DomESP1
Expands Domoticz I/Os with 4 relay outputs, 1 low voltage SSR output, I2C BUS, 1wire bus, 2 digital inputs, 1 analog input.
Uses ESP8266 module, with 2.4GHz WiFi connection to Domoticz.
Creasol DomBus31
Smart Home module in DIN-RAIL enclosure with 6 SPST (NO) relay outputs 250V 5A + 2 SPDT (NO+NC) relay outputs 250V 10A for Domoticz, with a very low power consumption:500mW power when all relays are ON!
Can be connected to Domoticz by RS485 bus (4 wires for data + 12/24V power supply).
Creasol DomBus12
Compact Smart Home module with 9 configurable I/O, including 2 open-drain outputs suitable to control a relay board like DomRelay2.
Suitable to control alarm sensors, pushbuttons, buzzer, energy meters, analog inputs, relays, ...
Creasol DomBus23
Smart home module with 2 SPST (NO) relays 250V 5A, 1 Mosfet output 30V 12A with dimming functions, 2 GPIOs, 2 opto inputs 40Vmax, 1 opto input 250Vmax, 2 analog outputs 0-10V (each one can be configured as open-drain output, if needed) that can be connected to Domoticz controller by RS485 bus.


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