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This device is able to duplicate several types of remote control for gates, garage doors, barriers, which transmit in frequencies between 286 and 868 MHz. Each button is independent, so it's possible to clone up to 4 different remote controls, even if they operates in different frequencies. creMul3_150


Duplication is very very easy, and does NOT require any external equipment (frequency counter, programming machine, sniffer):

  1. Press together buttons 1 and 2, until LED becomes green.
  2. Release all buttons.
  3. Press the button where you wish to duplicate the original remote control.
  4. Start to transmit by pressing and holding the button on the original remote control, keeping it at 10cm from this device.

When duplication ends, LED flashes 2 times in case of fixed code, or 4 times in case of rolling code. Then LED becomes green and duplication procedure restart from point 3.

After duplication, each button should be pressed at least 2 times to assure that the gate or garage works correctly.


Initialization of a 32 bit random code

Follow the instructions below to set a new random code on one or more buttons, even in different frequencies:

  1. Press together buttons 3 and 4, until LED becomes green.
  2. Release all buttons.
  3. Press the button, where you wish to initialize the code, a number of times corresponding to the desired frequency, as indicated in Tab.1.

The remote control emits 2 flashes, then it's possible to initialize a new random code on another button restarting the procedure from point 3.

This feature is useful mainly for 2 reasons:

  • Remove a previously stored code from the remote control, for example after showing to a customer how duplication work.
  • Program a random code that will be used to program a universal receiver, or any receiver that manages the 12bit type code, selecting the desired frequency.

Battery status and replacement

If, during transmission or duplication, both LEDs blink (red and green), the battery voltage is low: in this case the battery should be flat, or the temperature too low. In the first case, the enclosure should be opened loosening the 2 screws, picking up the board and replacing the existing battery with a new CR2032 battery.

Product lookcreMul_blister_150

The remote control duplicators is sold in blister, with printed instructions in 6 languages. It's supplied 100% tested and working, with the battery inside, and both snap hook and key ring.

It's possible to customize the instructions with your preferred languages, brand and model name, even for small quantities.

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